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MRFT Bipod MB-80

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MRFT Bipod MB-80 was designed, engineered, and manufactured in  IRAN. This is the first series of bipod which made in Iran with MRFT brand . In the construction of these bipods, 7000 series aluminum material with anodized hard Type III and High strength steel has been used to guarantee the best quality and the highest stability when shooting with a gun . The MRFT Bipod MB-80 can be used at angles of 45 degrees backwards, 90 degrees vertical, 45 degrees forward. The minimum height of this Bipod in the 90-degree vertical position is 165 mm and the maximum height in the 90-degree vertical position is 230 mm . The weight of this Bipod is 533 grams according to the strength of the material used in its construction.

Materials :
Alu 7000s ( Type III - Hard Anodize ) / High strength steel

Min Height (Legs at 90°) :
165 mm

Max Height (Legs at 90°) :
230 mm

Weight :
533 gr / 18.80 oz