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Squirrel Field target practice 412

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Training target of Field target shooting have three standard Hitzonein. three forms: squirrel crow and mouse. The characteristic of these targets is that after shooting and dropping the lever behind the hitzone, another lever is installed at the bottom and below the main hit zone to return the main lever. The diameter of the histone or point of impact is proportional to the hit zone of the target body, ie 15 to 15-25 to 25-40 to 40.

The shooter at the same time shoot toward two target of the same size in one size and one sibel . The main lever, after being shoted, is placed on the second lever, which is connected to the back of the sibel.

After firing the second lever and hitting the second lever to the first, the main lever returns to its original position (ie the main kill zone, which is in the shape of an animal in the target body). This sibel shooting is presented with a 35 cm spear base, but different bases Another has a long spear base / height base and a hard surface base.