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Propellerd Wing Flag 412

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Knowing about the wind and how to read it is significant issue for most shooter in shooting area or competitions. Recognizing the direction,speed and angle of the wind in many fields pertaining to it is necessary. Wind flags propeller 412 has clear and visible colors for better understanding of wind direction and wind speed in the fin and propeller. The fins have been made in two colors green and red to realize the wind’s direction from left and right, also the propeller is composed of three colors, blue, white and red, and can be seen from different angles .The wind flag’s pieces have been made by light and firm material For better performance and accuracy of the vortex,  . There is a ball bearing in movable piece of propeller and main pivot of this wind flag for better function. Additionally, the pieces such as propeller and wing have been cut by laser. Wind flag propeller have the specialty of being balance at top head and bottom of wind flag and is simultaneously balanced by a weight in the front which is helpful to improve the accuracy. The wind vane set comes with a bag. The bag of this windfalg can carry 6 windflag. The bases are made of iron, which is resistant to any kind of wind during use so that the windflag does not fall to the ground.

3 pieces and a bag